Info days in Hungary

Up to now 7 event were organized by the Hungarian beneficiary.

The events were mainly in cultural houses or schools. We announced the programs on internet and posters. We were speaking about the project, about light pollution, how to prevent it and about the benefits of dark-sky parks. We delivered the leaflet of the project.
The events:
06.25. Répáshuta
10.07. Répáshuta
10.13. Bükkszentkereszt
11.30. Kisgyőr
04.29. Bükkzsérc
06.13. Mályinka
06.14. Miskolc

(Info events)

1. Our first program was on June 25, 2022 in Répáshuta. The performance was followed by a telescope presentation under the starry sky of the Bükki Observatory Park. Number of participants: 30 people

2. Our second program was held on October 7, 2022 in the village of Répáshuta. The performance was followed by a telescope presentation, and the star shop-friendly lights of the village did not bother me much. Number of participants: 14 people.

3. Our third program was on October 13, 2022 in Bükkszentkereszt. Number of participants: 36 people.

4. Our fourth program was in Kisgyőr on November 30, 2022. Number of participants: 29 people.

5. Our fifth program was in Bükkzsérc on April 29, 2023. Number of participants: 25 people.

6. Our sixth occasion was in Mályinka on June 13, 2023. Number of participants: 24 people.

7. Our seventh event was in Miskolc on June 14, 2023. Number of participants: 26.

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