Control day at partner B3

On 29.03.2022, the lead partner made a business trip to Hungary to check the implementation of the project with the Hungarian partner Rónaőrző Society for Nature Protection. The inspection day was attended by: RNDr. Igor Kudzej,CSc., coordinator of the LB, Mgr.Róbert Adam, project coordinator and by B3: István Gyarmathy, coordinator of the B3.

During the inspection was found:
• The implementation of partner B3’s activities continue in accordance with the project

• Purchased devices (both investment and non-investment) are in line with the project and are used to perform the tasks of the project.

• Visibility – the project is promoted on the Rónaőrző Society for Nature Protection website, all purchased items are properly marked with the logo of the program and project
• A clear accounting record of financial transactions related to the project is kept

A date of the Expert Seminar with partner LB (June 2022 at AO) was agreed and the workshop was discussed.
During Control Day, a visit was made to the new observatory in the Bükki Nemzeti Park – Bükki Csillagda, where they became acquainted with the process of measuring light pollution.

In Humenné 31.03.2022 Igor Kudzej

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