1th project meeting

The first working meeting of the project took place at the initiative of the lead beneficiary in the facility of the Vihorlat Observatory on Kolonické sedlo. It was attended by representatives of three beneficiaries: the Vihorlat Observatory, the Institute of Development of the Carpathian Region and Uzhhorod National University. Representatives of the remaining two recipients were present online on the zoom platform.
Main topics of the meeting:

  1. Physical handover of the signed project contract and partnership contracts to the Ukrainian beneficiaries.
  2. Plan of project activities for the next 3 months. The main activity will be the introductory conference of the project. The place of the proceedings was preliminarily determined. Javornik resort in Uzhansky National Park. Date: end of September 2021.
  3. The funding system at Uzhhorod University was identified as a growing problem. According to the applicable legislation on the part of the Ukrainian beneficiary, the public procurement process can start only after the transfer of the corresponding amount of funds to the account of the organization. On the other hand, according to the rules of the program, the second transfer of funds to the beneficiaries’ account is conditional on the termination of the public procurement of the main infrastructure works. It was agreed that a solution would be sought in consultation with the Economics Department of Uzhhorod University. Deadline 14.7.2021.
  4. At the beneficiary no. 4 (Uzhansky National Nature Park) there may be changes in the project team related to changes in labor relations in the organization.
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