II. CSW project seminar

The Hungarian partner of the Carpathian Star Way project, nature conservation company Rónaőrző, organized a seminar entitled “The night sky as part of the natural and cultural heritage of the region” held on – 3 October 2022.

The seminar took place in Repašská Huta near Miskolc, in the Bükk National Park. The afternoon of the first day of the seminar was devoted to a workshop on the measurement and processing of light pollution data, which was led by Prof. Zoltán Kolláth, who works at the Karol Esztreházy Catholic University in Eger and has been involved in the analysis and interpretation of data in the field of light pollution for a long time.

The evening program of the first day was filled with a tour of the observatory belonging to the Bükk National Park, located above the village of Repašská Huta. The modernly furnished observatory is focused on popularization activities and has been visited by more than 40 thousand visitors since its opening in March 2022.

During the second day of the seminar, contributions were made about the current state of implementation of the CSW project, about the intended publication of a lighting manual for municipalities in the Slovak language and about NP Poloniny. It continued with a contribution about the starry sky as part of the cultural heritage, namely mentions of what was happening in the sky in the culture of the shepherds living in the area of the Hortobágy plain. The influence of the night sky on the quality of life of the Bükk region was the last topic of the seminar, which ended with a discussion and lunch.

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