Information pavilions

There will be two similar information pavilions build as the infrastructural component of the project. They will be constructed with the same technical concept. The only difference is the diameter of the main dome. In Slovakia it will be 12 m, in Ukraine 9m. The bearing structure of the building is designed as a hemisphere with a circle ground plan. It is made of pine glued wood. In the interior of the dome will be installed furniture (12 tables, 50 chairs, 2 bookcase), presentation and information technology (computer, data projector, audio system, projective screen). In addition to dome, the second part of the pavilion will be the infrastructure: Sanitary facility, water distribution, well, cesspool, sewerage, paved areas and fencing, terrace. Previously planned third pavilion was replaced by major maintenance in the existing building of Uzhhorod National University. Beneficiary 1 will construct its information centre this way – more suitable for the centre of the city. At the Hungarian site no infrastructural component is needed. The House of Nature already serve there as an information centre.

Project of the Info-center at the LB site in Kolonica

Project of the info-center in the Uzhansky National Nature Park

Visualization of the info – center in Uzhhorod city

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