Press release

The Vihorlat Observatory, as the main beneficiary of the Carpathian Star Ways project, provided the media with a press release on the implementation of the project along with brief information on the topic of light pollution. The Press Agency of the Slovak Republic amended and published the report on 8 February 2022. The original version of the text is available here.

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Initial Conference

On September 30 – October 2, the initial conference of the “Carpathian Star Way” project (HUSKROUA / 1901 / 6.1 / 0044) took place within the framework of Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENI Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020.

The conference was organized by Beneficiary 2 – NGO “Institute of Development of Carpathian Region”. The first part of the conference was held in the Hall of the Academic Council of Uzhhorod National University, Uzhhorod, Sq. Narodna, 3. The field part of the conference was organized in the mountain tourist shelter “Yavirnyk”, Velyky Berezny.

Conference Programme

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What is Light Pollution?

Most of us are familiar with air, water, and land pollution, but did you know that light can also be a pollutant?

The inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light – known as light pollution – can have serious environmental consequences for humans, wildlife, and our climate. Components of light pollution include:

  • Glare – excessive brightness that causes visual discomfort
  • Skyglow – brightening of the night sky over inhabited areas
  • Light trespass – light falling where it is not intended or needed
  • Clutter – bright, confusing and excessive groupings of light sources

Light pollution is a side effect of industrial civilization. Its sources include building exterior and interior lighting, advertising, commercial properties, offices, factories, streetlights, and illuminated sporting venues.

The fact is that much outdoor lighting used at night is inefficient, overly bright, poorly targeted, improperly shielded, and, in many cases, completely unnecessary. This light, and the electricity used to create it, is being wasted by spilling it into the sky, rather than focusing it on to the actual objects and areas that people want illuminated.

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Information pavilions

There will be two similar information pavilions build as the infrastructural component of the project. They will be constructed with the same technical concept. The only difference is the diameter of the main dome. In Slovakia it will be 12 m, in Ukraine 9m. The bearing structure of the building is designed as a hemisphere with a circle ground plan. It is made of pine glued wood. In the interior of the dome will be installed furniture (12 tables, 50 chairs, 2 bookcase), presentation and information technology (computer, data projector, audio system, projective screen). In addition to dome, the second part of the pavilion will be the infrastructure: Sanitary facility, water distribution, well, cesspool, sewerage, paved areas and fencing, terrace. Previously planned third pavilion was replaced by major maintenance in the existing building of Uzhhorod National University. Beneficiary 1 will construct its information centre this way – more suitable for the centre of the city. At the Hungarian site no infrastructural component is needed. The House of Nature already serve there as an information centre.

Project of the Info-center at the LB site in Kolonica

Project of the info-center in the Uzhansky National Nature Park

Visualization of the info – center in Uzhhorod city

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1th project meeting

The first working meeting of the project took place at the initiative of the lead beneficiary in the facility of the Vihorlat Observatory on Kolonické sedlo. It was attended by representatives of three beneficiaries: the Vihorlat Observatory, the Institute of Development of the Carpathian Region and Uzhhorod National University. Representatives of the remaining two recipients were present online on the zoom platform.
Main topics of the meeting:

  1. Physical handover of the signed project contract and partnership contracts to the Ukrainian beneficiaries.
  2. Plan of project activities for the next 3 months. The main activity will be the introductory conference of the project. The place of the proceedings was preliminarily determined. Javornik resort in Uzhansky National Park. Date: end of September 2021.
  3. The funding system at Uzhhorod University was identified as a growing problem. According to the applicable legislation on the part of the Ukrainian beneficiary, the public procurement process can start only after the transfer of the corresponding amount of funds to the account of the organization. On the other hand, according to the rules of the program, the second transfer of funds to the beneficiaries’ account is conditional on the termination of the public procurement of the main infrastructure works. It was agreed that a solution would be sought in consultation with the Economics Department of Uzhhorod University. Deadline 14.7.2021.
  4. At the beneficiary no. 4 (Uzhansky National Nature Park) there may be changes in the project team related to changes in labor relations in the organization.
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