Program of the final conference

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Project meeting in Kisgyőr

The last project meeting was held in the municipality of Kisgyőr with the participation of members of the main partner and partner B3. The main topic was determining the steps to fulfill the correct values for all project indicators.

The conclusions of the meeting relate primarily to the preparation of a form for monitoring environmental protection, map outputs on the extent of light pollution and thematic content of the maps. The results of the light pollution measurements will be recorded in a protocol prepared by the project’s main partner.

Program of the meeting:

Minutes of the meeting

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Info days in Hungary

Up to now 7 event were organized by the Hungarian beneficiary.

The events were mainly in cultural houses or schools. We announced the programs on internet and posters. We were speaking about the project, about light pollution, how to prevent it and about the benefits of dark-sky parks. We delivered the leaflet of the project.
The events:
06.25. Répáshuta
10.07. Répáshuta
10.13. Bükkszentkereszt
11.30. Kisgyőr
04.29. Bükkzsérc
06.13. Mályinka
06.14. Miskolc

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Control days in Ukraine



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Info days in Ukraine

First info days in Ukraine took place





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Info days in Slovakia

In May 2023, the main beneficiary implemented additional information days on the issue of light pollution. As part of the implementation of the Carpathian Star Way project, it was decided to inform the public about the project, light pollution and its effects on the environment in all districts of the Prešov self-governing region. We took advantage of the Night of Museums and Thanksgiving March activities in the districts: Bardejov, Stará Ľubovňa, Poprad, Kežmarok, Snina. For a total of 154 participants. A brief overview is in the following table and we also attach a photo gallery.

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II. CSW project seminar

The Hungarian partner of the Carpathian Star Way project, nature conservation company Rónaőrző, organized a seminar entitled “The night sky as part of the natural and cultural heritage of the region” held on – 3 October 2022.

The seminar took place in Repašská Huta near Miskolc, in the Bükk National Park. The afternoon of the first day of the seminar was devoted to a workshop on the measurement and processing of light pollution data, which was led by Prof. Zoltán Kolláth, who works at the Karol Esztreházy Catholic University in Eger and has been involved in the analysis and interpretation of data in the field of light pollution for a long time.

The evening program of the first day was filled with a tour of the observatory belonging to the Bükk National Park, located above the village of Repašská Huta. The modernly furnished observatory is focused on popularization activities and has been visited by more than 40 thousand visitors since its opening in March 2022.

During the second day of the seminar, contributions were made about the current state of implementation of the CSW project, about the intended publication of a lighting manual for municipalities in the Slovak language and about NP Poloniny. It continued with a contribution about the starry sky as part of the cultural heritage, namely mentions of what was happening in the sky in the culture of the shepherds living in the area of the Hortobágy plain. The influence of the night sky on the quality of life of the Bükk region was the last topic of the seminar, which ended with a discussion and lunch.

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on light pollution measurement and data analysis

10. – 11. 6. 2022

The Vihorlat Observatory in Humenné, as the leading partner of the Carpathian Starway project, organized an expert seminar kolofota, which took place as the first of the four planned seminars within this cross-border project of the ENI HUSKROUA programme.

In line with the focus of the project, the main theme was Light pollution, its measurement, processing and analysis of data. Due to the fact that the Ukrainian partners were not able to participate in the attendance, an online transmission was broadcasted on a platform provided by The University of P. J. Safarik in Košice.

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Control day at partner B1

On 20.6.2022 and 21.06.2022, the leading partner made a business trip to Ukraine to Uzhhorod to check the implementation of the project with the Ukrainian partner B1 Uzhhorod National University. The inspection day was attended by:

– by LB : RNDr.Igor Kudzej, CSc., coordinator of the LB project CSW

– from B1: Oleksandr Reity, Ivan Kalynych, Natalya Kablak – online

Following persons used the presence of the coordinator of the lead partner for consultations:

for B2: Vasyl Perig, Olena Karmishkina, Stehur Olha

for B4: Inna Kvakovska, Andrej Soyma

F:�0 CSW PROJECT15. PS_ CD�5 Control day 2CD2_UA_2.jpg

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Control day at partner B3

On 29.03.2022, the lead partner made a business trip to Hungary to check the implementation of the project with the Hungarian partner Rónaőrző Society for Nature Protection. The inspection day was attended by: RNDr. Igor Kudzej,CSc., coordinator of the LB, Mgr.Róbert Adam, project coordinator and by B3: István Gyarmathy, coordinator of the B3.

During the inspection was found:
• The implementation of partner B3’s activities continue in accordance with the project

• Purchased devices (both investment and non-investment) are in line with the project and are used to perform the tasks of the project.

• Visibility – the project is promoted on the Rónaőrző Society for Nature Protection website, all purchased items are properly marked with the logo of the program and project
• A clear accounting record of financial transactions related to the project is kept

A date of the Expert Seminar with partner LB (June 2022 at AO) was agreed and the workshop was discussed.
During Control Day, a visit was made to the new observatory in the Bükki Nemzeti Park – Bükki Csillagda, where they became acquainted with the process of measuring light pollution.

In Humenné 31.03.2022 Igor Kudzej

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